Women in Lennox Leadership (WiLL)

Women in Lennox Leadership (WiLL) is part of Lennox’s Dealer Advisory Committee (DAC) of Wisconsin. We are comprised of two types of women: those who work in the HVAC retail industry and those whose spouses work in the retail industry. In short, we are a diverse group of ladies who endeavor to bring a different perspective to the HVAC industry!

Our mission statement best explains our group’s purpose: WiLL is dedicated to providing a network of support for professional and personal development in the HVAC industry. We will serve as a guide to help foster integrity and leadership for women within the workplace and within their family. In addition, we will enhance the Lennox community and create a stronger unity through our vision to “pay it forward” with outreach opportunities such as charitable giving and educational workshops, along with other events.

Some things that we have done so far …

  • Help with organizing and prep for the VisionTECH and fall Vision Conferences
  • Fundraising for Impact Committee to provide scholarships in the HVAC industry
  • Educate and support for others in and around by association with the HVAC industry
  • Yearly Overnight Events / team building

This is just the beginning … We have so much more that we want to accomplish!
To learn more about WiLL, please contact one of our co-chairs:

Carissa Kammerer, ckammerer@lanzfurnace.com
Dottie Pacetti, dottie.pacetti@lennoxind.com
Carolyn Serpe, carolyn.serpe@gmail.com